4G 28mm The Undertaker's

4G 28mm The Undertaker's
Item# 28S-DMH-109

Product Description

This corner building comes with sub base C and its boardwalk decking enabling it to fit seamlessly along the boardwalk on Ďthe corner of mainí. This is a feature building with large shop windows it also has glass (acetate) shop windows with painted advertising of his trade. All doors (exterior and internal) are pin hinged and this building has an internal staircase.

As befits a man of means such as the Undertaker this is one of the most extravagant buildings in Dead Manís Hand. Where life is cheap and death can be had just playing a hand of cards, the Undertaker is one of the wealthiest folks in a town.

Built from the earlier post and beam framing with clapboard siding, rather than cheaply balloon framed, its older style construction makes this building perfect for the1830ís, 40ís and Civil War periods. This type of framing required carpenters, where as carpenters said Ďall Balloon Framing needs is lots of long milled timber and a bucket of 6Ē nailsí. Our Undertaker was an apprentice served Cabinet maker, by trade the senior qualification for carpenters, so no wonder he opted for this more costly but more substantial form of timber framing.

During the Civil War a large number of carpenters made boxes for burials and also worked for the Embalming Surgeons during their service. From this on the job training, and with the invention of formaldehyde in 1866, undertaking moved from being a job of necessity to a lucrative craft. Many of these men moved out west (where life was short) and earn ten times more than they would of done back east as furniture makers.