NWS: Warship Combat : Navies at War V1.2 (CD ROM Edition)

NWS: Warship Combat : Navies at War V1.2 (CD ROM Edition)
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NWS: Warship Combat : Navies at War V1.2 (CD ROM Edition)


WCNAW Features:

* Turn based naval computer naval wargame presently covering 1890-1950, with other time frames planned for future editions.
* Nations presently included: United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria-Hungary, and Russia with more to be added in future updates.
* Over 400 classes of warships covering 8 nationalities with more due to be added in downloadable updates!
* Tactical map covering 40nm x 40nm of ocean.
* Ship types include dreadnoughts, battleships, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, and monitors.
* Animations include gun flashes, gunnery hits, torpedo hits, salvo splashes, sinking ships, and critical hit explosions.
* Weather, visibility, and sea state environmental options.
* Detailed system, structural, and floatation damage including fires and progressive flooding.
* Fire control systems, search/fire control radars, smoke screens, searchlights, and star shell effects.
* 4 levels of illumination for night combat calculations.
* Main battery, secondary battery, tertiary battery, and torpedo battery targeting.
* Optional rates of fire that include ranging, spotted, and full rate of fire.
* Detailed ammunition levels for all gun batteries.
* Full tactical map maneuvering and shellfire evasion.
* 3 types of ammunition that include high explosive, common/semi-armor piercing, and armor piercing.
* Detailed and accurate gunnery and torpedo combat calculations.
* Random scenario generator for various sized battles and the ability to easily create custom designed battles.
* Battle viewer, division display, and tactical map interface.
* Detailed ship graphics, high quality ocean, and sky backgrounds.
* Engagements can include up to 8 divisions of 8 ships each for a total of 64 warships. (Larger battles planned for future updates.)
* Armor ratings for armored ships include vertical belt, horizontal deck, turret front, turret top and superstructure.
* Detailed torpedo protection system ratings and mechanics.
* Easy to use and intuitive single screen interface.
* Full stereo sound effects including explosions, torpedo launches, gunfire, splashes, and background music.
* Very challenging and effective AI opponent.
* The ability to handle 200 scenarios and 200 saved battles.