Rule the Waves (CD ROM EDITION)

Rule the Waves (CD ROM EDITION)
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Product Description

Rule the Waves (CD ROM EDITION)
For RTW we recommend a Windows desktop display resolution of 1366 X 768 or higher to avoid possible screen issues.

- A Game of Naval Ship Design and Naval Combat at the Birth of the 20th Century.

Rule the Waves places you in the role of 'Grand Admiral' during the early years of the 20th Century. You manage the naval affairs of your chosen nation while navigating between the desires and demands of your own government, the efforts of potential adversaries, and the affairs of your potential allies.

The battle resolution mechanics are based upon our successful Steam and Iron (SAI) system for combat but technichal, economic and foreign policy decisions will also be necessary as the player guides their navy's design, construction, deployment and operations during a period of great technological innovation and political tensions.

Rule the Waves is modeled on the period of European global dominance but is not intended to precisely recreate history. Rather RTW gives the Player the tools to lead a navy during the era when 'steam and iron' dominated the high seas. You will create your own naval history with your decisions, the ships and fleet you design, and the conflicts that you avoid or fight!

If you ever wanted to design the perfect battleship or plan the perfect fleet, then Rule the Waves is the game for you!

Game Details:

- Become the 'Grand Admiral' of any one of ten different nations: Great Britain, Germany, USA, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Spain, or even a hypothetical 20th century 'Confederate States of America'!

- Manage and build your fleet: You have a naval budget and limited resources based upon historic aspects of the nation you choose. The design and development of the fleet is then in your hands. Do you want to build a powerful battlefleet or a cruiser force for a 'Guerre de course'? Or maybe your nation is better off with a coast defence force with coastal battleships and plentiful torpedo boats?

- Design your ships in a detailed ship designer where you select armour, guns, torpedoes, speed and other characteristics of your ships, limited by realistic design constraints and your current technology.

- Research and develop more advanced naval technology in all of its technically accurate detail. As you gain new technology, you can build larger and more advanced ships. You will start with a fleet of predreadnoughts and armoured cruisers, and end up building superdreadnoughts and battlecruisers. You can refit and upgrade your ships, or scrap them as they become obsolete.

- Respond to crises and demands from your potential adversaries, the interfering Navy Minister or the overenthusiastic Head of Government.

- A dynamic world-wide map shows you potential threat areas, your foreign stations, and more. Manage the naval defense of your nation's colonies and dependencies.

- War! If you go to war then you will play out the naval battles using the detailed and well proven SAI system.

- Will you end up as the most successful Admiral ever, or will the ruinous expenses of a luxury fleet drive your nation to defeat and revolution? Your nation's naval destiny is in your hands!