Supremacy at Sea (CD Rom Edition)

Supremacy at Sea (CD Rom Edition)
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Notice: This game is no longer updated or officially supported by NWS. Downloadable updates and unofficial support may be found on our forums.

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Multiple theaters of war and flexible levels of command

* Command naval campaigns across the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean oceans or create your own naval campaign. * Command and control land combat formations, amphibious operations, and air forces. Land units from company up to army group sized formations.

* Land combat is handled on a hourly basis and include mechanization, equipment, morale, training, experience, amphibious capabilities, entrenchment, and supply attributes.

Scalable Game Play Options

* Level of command - strategic, operational, or tactical. * Game turn coverage - hours, days, weeks, or months. * Battle management - all command options can be set to manual or AI assisted.


● Turn-based WW2 naval strategy wargame. ● With loads of tactical feel and realism. ● 2 Player or play against the computer. ● Command the navy of any of the major naval powers of the era - US, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, France. ● Accept historical strengths and weaknesses or play with history by varying technology, resources, intelligence and more. Change the odds to make the game as easy or as hard as you like. ● Select maps for theatres as small as the Mediterranean through to as big as the Pacific. ● Face computer opponents who play aggressively or cautiously, like Yamamoto or Nagumo, Doenitz or Cunningham, Darlan or Iachino. ● Fight with Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Escorts and Submarines; run convoys of Merchants ships. ● Choose from 160 historical ship classes or design your own - up to 130,000 tonnes! - nearly twice the size of the Yamato! ● Plan convoys, raiding and reconnaissance missions, major fleet sorties, bombardment missions, mine laying. ● Make all decisions or just those you want to, delegating the rest to your 2-I-C. The 2-I-C mode makes learning a snap and playing a campaign can be done in an evening. ● Replay fleet movements hour-by-hour, surface battles shell-by-shell. ● Develop your technology in 10 key areas; gain superiority in radar, ASW, submarine propulsion and many more. ● Win the economic war by maximizing convoy trade and economic production at minimal cost. ● Control the sea lanes; gain Supremacy at Sea and retire as the greatest Admiral of all! ● You are the Supreme Naval Commander. Now, prove it!