Vallejo: British Airborne Paint Set

Vallejo: British Airborne Paint Set
Item# wgb-ps-10

Product Description

This is the British Airborne Paint Offer. It contains 8x Vallejo Paints from the Panzer Aces, Model Color and Game Color ranges:

Khaki Grey (Vallejo 880): Denison Smock basecoat

Dark Green (Vallejo 893): Denison Smock camouflage, helmet and neckscarf

German Camo Medium Brown (Vallejo 826): Denison Smock camouflage

English Uniform Brown (Vallejo 921): Trousers and canteen

Russian Uniform Green (Vallejo 924): Helmet camo strips, PIAT, mortars, guns, Respirator Bag

Scarlett Red (Vallejo 72.012): Beret

Khaki (Vallejo 988): Helmet camo strips, gaiters, webbing and backpack

Iraqui Sand (Vallejo 819): Rope