Vallejo: Napoleonic Russian Paint Set

Vallejo: Napoleonic Russian Paint Set
Item# wgn-ps-01

Product Description

White (Vallejo 951): Overalls, backpack straps, baldric, Pavlovsk mitre cap and shako cords

Black (Vallejo 950): Shako, winter leggings, shoes, grenadier shako plume, backpack, ammunition pouch and officer bicorne hat

Green (Vallejo Deep Green 970): Tunics

Red (Vallejo Flat Red 957): Collar, cuffs, epaulettes, tunic inners and Pavlovsk mitre cap

Brass (Vallejo 801): Pavlovsk Mitre cap front plates, buttons and sword hilt

Steel (Vallejo Oily Steel 865): Canteen and musket metalwork,

Neutral Grey (Vallejo 992): Greatcoat roll

Red Leather (Vallejo 818): Musket straps

Leather Brown (Vallejo 871): Musket woodwork, bayonet and sword scabbard